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I just did my first ever f-cut. Please remove me from your list if I've cut you.

Some of you I've had on my list for a very long time - since before I switched accounts - and it's been good! But we haven't talked for months and even if I miss you guys, I doubt I've been missed. And no one ever cuts me when I do reverse f-cuts, so this time I took up the courage to do it myself.

It's nothing personal, I promise. I hardly use lj anymore. I only check my flist now and even then, I do it maybe twice a week and comment even less. I've mainly kept people I have on twitter, in case some of you are wondering why I didn't completely remove everyone. If I had you on twitter before but not anymore please let me know. I had to clear my list a few weeks ago and I've forgotten some of your usernames ^^;;.

Comment if you have problems, I guess. Otherwise, take care :)♥.